I’m Ian Pitkanen, and I am a freelance motion designer and 3D artist. I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my wife and two young children. Our home is filled with lots of imaginary play, drawing, books, and coffee.

When I was a kid I had dreams of being a traditional artist, but I fell in love with animation and 3D early on. I taught myself how to draw and paint, and from there I picked up Blender and After Effects. That first joy of creating and telling stories with colors and motion continues in my work today.

If you would like to hear more about my work and process, ask a question, or just get together for coffee, please drop me a note through my contact page.

People I’ve Worked With

Greg StewartGreyduckT4GMotion Worship, BizzyWeb, AVODA, Lyfebooks, and Bethlehem College & Seminary